Weather conditions during summer can take their toll on your vehicle and more specifically on the tires. Some of these conditions include the heat, severity of drought and flooding caused by summer rains. These factors must be put into consideration when planning for season change after the summer months.

Extreme heat during summers causes greater wear and tear of the tread and thickness of your car tires. The long summer trips and many miles clocked on the road will take an even greater toll on your tire during the hot months. Extremely hot surfaces such as tar, concrete and pavements will quickly wear down your vehicle’s tires. Worn out tires will bring about traction and reliability problems.

Always keep in mind that the tires require a second repair service before the rainy season even if one was done at the start of summer. The onset of autumn and winter places greater stress on your vehicle’s tires as conditions present difficult and slippery conditions. The conditions during autumn and winter demand well-balanced tires, appropriate tire pressures, and excellent traction. There will be slick leaves, mud, snow, and ice on the road as well as other winter conditions that make driving treacherous.

Before the end of summer, ensure you get tire repair services to assess the condition of your tires. Factors such as how much tread is left, the impact of heat on tires and tire pressure, and if your tires evenly worn out should be looked at by professionals at Jim Dickenson in Ottawa.

Always have your tires ready for the harsh winter conditions common in Ottawa and surrounding areas. You might not be a tire expert but you will know the dangers of driving with tires in poor condition. The experts will help you address any tire problems either through repair or replacement. Thereafter, you will be assured that the tires and vehicle are ready for the change of seasons

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