You must have heard about bogeys, wild swings of the golf club, attacking the air around the gold ball or striking birds. These are some of the mishaps that often happen when people set about learning and playing golf. The following tips from Irish Hill Golf in Ottawa will help a beginner set about learning and playing the game of golf.

a)      Understand the basic rules of golf

You must read through and understand the basic rules of golf including the scoring system. Even though you are not going to memorize all the rules, you will enjoy more of a game of golf if you understand all that is going on the course.

b)      Grasp Golf Etiquette

Although you may be a beginner, you will not want to embarrass yourself in a sport that is steeped in history and tradition.

Being aware and considerate of the people around you on the golf course is basic etiquette. Your golfing group or the party behind you will not be appreciative when you take five practice swings before every shot particularly if you are already four over par.

Shout “Fire!” for a ball that strays from where it is intended to land to alert anyone who might become a victim of a rogue ball is another basic etiquette.

Besides the general etiquette, there are other rules that govern specific golf clubs. Find out about the course at the Irish Hill Golf and the rules about acceptable attire among other rules to avoid the risk of being expelled.

c)      Purchase Some Equipment

Having the right golf equipment helps you to get more out of the game of golf. Besides having the right attire, you must have a basic set of golf clubs and several golf balls. Other requirements may include a towel and marker pen to record your scores.

Beginners should not spend lots of money on the 14-piece set of golf clubs at a time when they do not know what they are all for. Cheaper golf balls are sufficient since you might end up losing many of them.

d)      Take Golfing Lessons

Golfing lessons are the best way to learn the basics and hone some skills that may curtail your progress in future. With a good swing, you can then enjoy a round of golf as you perfect your personal playing style and even show off to your golfing buddies. Taking lessons provides a solid foundation to practice and perfect your game.

e)      Choose the Right Club

The different golf clubs are used based on how far you will be hitting the ball. With good practice at the driving range, you will better understand which clubs to use when taking a specific shot.

f)       Hitting the Right Shots

You may have heard about the drive or putt. These are just some different shots that can be used on the golf course. Different types of shots require a different technique and it will take some practice to hone a required piece of skill. It may take longer before you are able to get out of the bunker.

g)      Practice More at the Driving Range

You can only improve your swing if keep working on it at the driving range. This is where to perfect your form and to keep improving your distance. It may be tempting at first to hit the ball as hard as you can, but it is also important to perfect hitting the ball accurately even on the shorter distances.

h)      Research and Read More

If you research and read widely, you are bound to come across to solutions for particular aspects of the game that may prove to be a challenge. These solutions can be found on the internet and in magazine articles.

i)        Relax

Take time to relax and even stay relaxed when on the golf course. Golfing should be your leisure time and a time to just go back to the basics or to simply experiment on a few things about your game. However, trying to focus on too many things all at once will prove disastrous.

j)        Enjoy and Have Fun

Enjoy the game of golf and the rich tradition of the game. You are not out there on the course to break records. Once in a while, you may have a bad game, but you can improve your mood at the clubhouse with a drink or bite.