Family law matters are loaded with emotions and this is why it is often difficult for the parties to put everything into perspective.  In addition, family law is very complex.  Judges generally prefer to work with these matters when all the parties have attorney representation.

Family lawyers are schooled in the art of helping others.  Many also belong to professional organizations that include therapists, social workers, and other professions designed to assist all parties into a fair and equitable arrangement.  With these associations, the lawyer will have the resources for referrals, should that become important.  When you hire a family law attorney, you are investing in your future.  Generally what you will gain in a reasonable settlement will far outweigh the legal fees.

A great deal of the time spent by a family law attorney will be devoted to negotiations to prevent undue loss to one party or the other.  They are also able to handle matters efficiently and inexpensively.  They have found that destructive behavior can injure all parties, and is especially detrimental when children are involved.

Initially your attorney will send a letter to the other party informing them that you have hired the attorney’s services.  This letter will encourage the other party to have their lawyer contact your lawyer.  This sets the tone for an amicable negotiation between neutral third parties (attorneys) and helps the parties distance themselves from the emotion involved in a separation and divorce.  Both attorneys are well versed in family law and how judges generally rule on matters.  They also understand the best process to achieve a settlement fair to all involved.

Both attorneys recognize the choices involved in the final settlement agreement.  They also are trained to allow the parties to express anger and frustration within practical boundaries to avoid more damage but will allow both sides to come to a sensible final arrangement.

There are times when one or both lawyers will suggest mediation.  This is a process conducted by a professional who will hear all sides of the contested issues and, as a disinterested third party, be able to suggest alternatives so that all parties leave the family dynamics feeling that they succeeded and received fair treatment.

If you find yourself in a position where you need an Ottawa divorce lawyer, or an attorney to deal with other family law issues, AGB Lawyers is a good place to start.  Our attorneys and support staff have extensive experience dealing with domestic issues and are able to help you resolve discussions and come to a solid conclusion.

Self-representation is not an especially good idea.  You won’t have detailed knowledge of the law and its applications.  As an emotional participant, it is sometimes difficult to understand how successful the negotiating process can be.  The lawyers at AGB lawyers are available to help you through this difficult time.  Contact their office for an appointment.