Driving lessons are highly recommended for people who want to take a road test in Ontario.  Once considered optional, people now appreciate the benefits of taking driving lessons Ottawa before operating a vehicle. We take a look at some of the driving course benefits when taking a road test.

  • Improved Safety: Attending driving classes ensures that you understand the rules of the road and you learn good driving technique. You will learn the necessary skills to driving in changing weather conditions, how to avoid accidents, and how to drive defensively. Driving classes will improve your safety when driving and that of other road users.
  • Practice for the Road Test: Driving classes offer the best opportunity to practice for your road test and to improve your chances of passing the test. Driving classes will put you on the road where you learn to navigate real life situations and common challenges when driving. With regular practice, you will increasingly become confident and will not suffer stress or anxiety when undertaking your road test. 
  • Get Updates to Rules and Regulations: Road rules and regulations are regularly changing. A professional driving instructor keeps abreast of all laws that govern driving and road use. They will alert you to any changes to laws and regulations which will prove important in passing your road test. 
  • Reduced Waiting Time: Once your driving school has given you a certificate, you can take the road test within eight months of the written test. Without a certificate, potential drivers will have to wait for at least one year. 
  • Good Driving Record: Learning from professional driving instructors will ensure that you will not develop bad driving habits. Good driving habits help reduce the risk of road infractions and costly tickets as well as accidents.
  • Better Insurance Rates: The cost of car insurance will be significantly reduced when you have a certificate from a reputable driving school. The discounts are dependent on the insurance provider and coverage provided.
  • Chance to meet friends and driving partners: At the driving school, you will be paired with other students which increases you likelihood of meeting new friends and driving partners. The new friends or driving partners will help you iron out mistakes and practice driving. 

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