2 Benefits You Get From Safety Glass Windows!


Not everyone thinks of the dangers that broken glass may pose around their house, specifically around young children. Surely, the thought of an occasional broken plate or drinking glass might enter a person’s mind from time to time, because things like this do happen. However, living in an area prone to severe weather patterns that can produce winds strong enough to uproot a sixty –foot tall tree,  poses the question, why aren’t there more people utilizing safety glass as their house windows.

Got you thinking yet? Being mindful that safety glass is more expensive than single or double pane windows, it is a better insulator and the laminated version provides the highest security. There are three versions of safety glass one is the aforementioned, the other two are Toughened glass and film coated glass. Albeit, each version has an advantage over regular glass, however, the difference is still the expense. From high to low cost wise, they are, laminate, toughened, and film in that order.

The best advantages for the price come with laminated safety glass with reduced fading and higher security, (you can’t throw a rock through one). As for the fading this type of safety glass blocks the UV rays that cause your furniture to fade from the exposure to sunlight here in Ottawa and Gatineau. In addition, when and if it does break, it does not shatter with pieces flying all over. Instead the glass is held in place by the film laminated between the panes. Toughened glass brings a lighter weight producing less wear on the window mechanics, however is easier to break, lowering its security value. When this glass breaks it shatters into blunt pieces.

 The window film is applicable to existing windows and holds  the broken pieces in place if shattered. The security value of this approach is the lowest between the three types available on the market. In any event, it is a good idea for added security to have safety glass for your windows. If your home is a two story, then have it on the ground floor, and the basement windows, your child’s room no matter what floor, or just put throughout the house.

Be mindful also that most houses have safety glass in them already, patio doors, shower doors, mirrors and such. Why not extend this to the windows looking outside? Remember the best benefits are higher security and reduced furniture fading.

If you want to install safety glass windows to your home then try these Gatineau and Ottawa Glass companies:


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