Value is a funny thing to discuss because it conjures up different images and meanings to different people. However, how can someone put a value on your safety when you are operating your vehicle on the winter roads of Ottawa without proper tires? So, what makes a proper tire for driving on roads ravaged by the cold winter months?

To begin with, the answer lies in having a set of tires that are made for this type of driving condition, secondly, the tires should have sufficient tread and be free of dry rot. This last condition only occurs if a person stores their winter tires in an extremely warm, dry space, (this rarely occurs), or continues to drive on them during the summer months, as they are not meant to do so. Another thing that can cause dry rot is age.

Inspect Your Present Set of Winter Tires

Seemingly, what some people look at is the tread wear, and if the tread is sufficient then why purchase a new set? Well the fact of the matter is that as the tires age, they lose moisture and begin to crack and split. Driving on a set of tires in this condition is dangerous.

For instance, the side wall can separate from the tread or visa versa. Picture this happening on an icy Ottawa road while driving up or down hill. Thus, with safety in mind, what value can a new set of winter tires on your vehicle add?

Buy the Right Size

Accordingly, when searching for a set of winter tires in Ottawa it helps to ensure that they are rated for the type of road conditions that are commonly driven and that they are the correct fit for the particular vehicle, (you don’t put truck tires on a car). With that stated, the size, and width of the tires that come with a vehicle are specifically designed for it and as such all replacement tires should match the original set. Both oversize and undersize tires will affect the handling and traction of a vehicle.

In the end, buying tires for your vehicle here in Ottawa is not that hard, nor is getting the right winter tire for safe driving during the winter months. All in all it comes down to common sense and a person’s ability to use good judgement in their purchase and on the roads. Be safe and check your tires before winter arrives this year!

Winter season is coming and if you want Winter Tires for safe driving then contact local Ottawa Auto Repair, Auto tune up and Car Inspection shops:

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