Importance of Getting Tire Service


Ensure that you get the tires of your vehicle serviced whenever you go for auto repair services. Not many car owners remember tire service until it is absolutely required. Jim Dickenson recommends tire service to our Ottawa customers during a car repair or maintenance service so that they have a vehicle operating efficiently and safely.

  • Improved Driving Experience: There is a huge difference when you drive a car with old tires compared to driving with new tires. The notable difference lie in the handling of the vehicle and in overall smoothness of the ride. Drivers report that it feels quieter driving after a simple tire service.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Tires can be a factor in why you are returning poor fuel efficiency figures. Poorly balanced tires, worn-out tires, wrong tire pressures, and poor choice of the tire can greatly diminish fuel efficiency. Expert advice and tire repair at our Ottawa repair shop will ensure that you are getting value for every gallon of gas.
  • Better Traction: Any experienced driver will tell you about the benefits of tire service and running on well-maintained tires. Jim Dickenson ensures our clients get top-level performance from their cars through regular tire service. We will recommend the best tires that fit your driving needs whether you want performance tires or all-weather tires.
  • Improved Safety: Worn out tires present a driving hazard since increasing the risk of a blowout, minimize the effectiveness of braking, and provide poor traction. New and well-serviced tires improve the performance and safety of your vehicle.
  • Save Money: As a matter of fact, purchasing new tires can save you money rather than having to deal with massive repair bills caused by worn-out tires causing accidents. Keep in mind that tires are all that stand between the road surface and your car.

Having learned about the importance of tire service, do not neglect this aspect of auto repair at your next car servicing appointment.


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