Polished concrete is a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers in Ottawa who like the flooring due to properties such as beauty and durability. Polished concrete helps to recreate an elegant and luxurious finish to the home. Design choices are in the form of colored and decorative patterns that can be achieved depending on the décor of your home. Concrete floors are now a common fixture in homes, garages, and offices.

Concrete floors are best suited for warehouse and basement floors since it has some unique benefits. The concrete floor provides a natural look, is low maintenance, and keeps these spaces warm. Cleaning of a concrete floor is a straightforward exercise since dust particles can be mopped out with ease. You will not be worried about spills since the floor is cleaned easily.

Concrete floors are recommended for people who have allergies since the floor doesn’t accumulate dust particles like other flooring options. There’s no better way to mix and enhance looks than using a concrete floor and furnishings in the home.

Concrete Fusion was among the first builders and designers in Ottawa to appreciate the benefits of concrete over other flooring options. Concrete is now preferred over epoxy floors that require frequent maintenance since it is economical to install and maintain. Concrete is also long lasting making it the flooring of choice for many homeowners.

Installation of concrete floors can be seen in public spaces such as schools and mall where the floor is subject to high foot traffic. Concrete is preferred for these spaces since it is able to withstand heavy traffic, is easy to maintain, and is long lasting.

Concrete Fusion recommends the installation of concrete floors since it is easy to repair. We are able to carry out a professional repair job to return the floor to its original state. Concrete sealing is used to keep the floor in good shape and to make it last even longer. Application of concrete coating helps to protect the floor surface and to enhance the look of the floor by giving it a shiny appearance.