Tempered Glass Is a Great Alternative to Ordinary Glass


Tempered glass is preferred over ordinary glass since it is four to six times stronger. Owing to its strength, tempered glass boards are used as cutting surfaces. The process of making tempered glass is called annealing and involves heat treatment.

Centennial Glass recommends the tempered glass boards for use as kitchen cutting boards due to their strength and durability properties. The tempered glass boards are also heat resistant meaning they can be used in ovens and microwaves. The boards are easy to clean and will not shatter or splinter like ordinary glass if they break making them safe to use.

Tempered glass is a good alternative to marble boards with the added advantage of being cheaper. The use of tempered glass boards will also help prevent damage to the countertops in your kitchen. For their customers in Ottawa, Centennial Glass has tempered board designs that have beautiful colors and pictures that can be matched to the décor of your kitchen. Not only do they have rich vibrant colors, but the tempered glass also comes in different sizes such as 19″x15″; 15″x12″; and 8″x11″ boards. All these boards can be comfortably washed in a dishwasher without affecting their designs or their shine.

Tempered glass may have other uses in the kitchen such as enhancing aesthetic appeal by using them as decorative items. Another great use of tempered glass is as shelves in the kitchen or the dining area. You new chinaware set with exquisite patterns can be arranged on tempered glass shelves and there would be no better way to show it off. Tempered glass is incredibly strong and can support the heavy weight of your chinaware and other items such as heavy glass vases and books.

The tempered glass shelves add a classic design to a room giving it an elegant, simple and clean feel. The shelves can withstand the test of time and several decoration projects. With a little lighting either from the top or the bottom, the shelves add emphasis to the beauty and appeal of items and artistic creations placed on them. Collectors of antique pieces and artistic creations will find tempered glass shelves to the ideal surface for the shelves to showcase these items. Centennial Glass in Ottawa will have all types and designs of tempered glass to fulfill your needs both for functional and artistic purposes.


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