Golf simulators are an excellent option when you cannot get out playing a game of golf. A golf simulator perfectly recreates the conditions of a golf course through the use of digital graphics allowing you to play on a small space and with minimal equipment. Some of the advantages that you enjoy from golf simulators at the Irish Hills Golf & Country Club in Ottawa include:


Golf simulators ensure that you can play golf every day irrespective of the weather conditions in Ottawa. Golf simulators are set up indoors ensuring that you can practice your swing or game even when the weather doesn’t allow.


Golf simulators come with software that has more than one golf course. After mastering one golf course, you can switch to another course and a new challenge. The new challenges will help you practice and perfect your golf game and explore new experiences.

Space Requirements

Since people have limited space in their yards to install a putting green, a driving range, or a short golf practice field, the golf simulators offers greater convenience due to minimal space required. Majority of golf simulators will require just enough room to permit a full swing. A room that is 10 by 15 foot big with a 9 and a half high ceiling will be enough. Most people have installed the simulator in the garage.

Low Cost of Installation

All that you need is a playing space, a computer, and a projector. The simple setup will only set you back a few hundred dollars with other people investing more to customize and derive the best golf playing sessions.

An Instructional Aid

The golf simulators come with educational components and incorporate the use of sensors or video cameras that track the movement of the club head when you make a swing. The information collected is then downloaded on your computer to help in the analysis of your swing and how to improve it.

Use Of Your Golf Equipment

A golf simulator allows you to make use of your balls and clubs which is unlike the situation with indoor video games. At the end of the day, you will have a good feel of how your golf equipment works in different approaches.