There are plenty of decisions to make when constructing or remodeling a property. The tasks involved can be both complex and time consuming with considerations to be made on every single aspect.

Investing in a home or any other property is often the most important investment in one’s lifetime. Every aspect of the investment starting with the choice of building materials is important. One such area is choosing materials for the railing for the deck, windows, and balcony.

Conventional railings were made of wood which had its own unique characteristics. At present, the choices are plenty which the main aim being to bring down the costs of renovation or construction. Both the cost of wood and the cost of skilled labor in Ottawa have skyrocketed making it out of reach for many people. Glass and aluminum are the two most common materials for construction of railings. Ottawa Valley Glass provides a detailed comparison between the glass and aluminum railings.

Advantages of Aluminum Railings

  • Durability – Being a metal, aluminum is durable and will function seamlessly for many years without major hiccups.
  • Safety – aluminum is hard to break making it a safe and secure material to use for railings. Aluminum is a great choice for outdoor railings.
  • Easy maintenance – Maintenance is a major consideration to have in mind and aluminum is a no maintenance metal. Aluminum withstands all weather conditions and will not break, rotor wear away. It will not require a coat of paint or regular polishing.
  • Flexibility in design – aluminum is a flexible material that can be molded into different shapes and sizes to fit your specific demands.

Advantages of Glass Railings

  • Little or no maintenance – Glass railings need no maintenance since they do not require polishing or painting. To keep the glass clean and sparkling, soft dusting and occasional use of glass cleaner is sufficient.
  • Elegant and beautiful – Glass is reflective and refractive and helps to reflect light from the outside into the building improving lighting and ambience. Glass railings are therefore a good choice for offices, hotels and shopping complexes.
  • Transparency – Since glass is transparent, glass railings provide an open and welcoming feel to your guests. This feature of glass helps to add style, class and a modern look to buildings as evident in high-end apartments and office blocks.