Importance of Root Canal Therapy


A root canal is a medical term that you will hear being thrown about by family members and friends. The experiences or stories shared sound like it is complete torture just going through the procedure at the dentist’s office.

Is a root canal just too painful? Yes and no. Some people will have to go through painful root canal treatment. Root canals will not be a fun experience even with the best dentist and a smooth procedure. There are a number of reasons why you have a root canal if the dentist recommends it as the best treatment option.

The following information will give you a better understanding of the procedure.

When decay develops and progressively eats into a tooth, the pulp of the tooth is damaged. The body is not able to repair dentine and tissues that makeup tooth pulp. Untreated tooth decay may cause infections in other body parts such as the cardiovascular system leading to serious problems. Other associated problems with tooth decay are tooth loss and bone loss. A root canal helps to save the tooth from being extracted altogether.

Root Canal Procedure

Stittsville Dentists will commence by taking x-rays of your mouth with particular interest on the affected tooth. They will want to assess the extent of damage on the affected tooth.

Following the determination of the problem, the dentist will carry on with the procedure. You will be injected with numbing medication to block out pain during the procedure. You will be comfortable as the dentist provides treatment. The pain that people talk about is not during the procedure but post-procedure.

The dentist will then drill into the tooth and remove all the damaged pulp. The tooth will then be cleaned and the pulp is replaced with filling. The process will require a series of sessions before the tooth is fully sealed.

Following the root canal, patients have reported experiencing sensitivity around the tooth that will disappear after a few days. Your dentist will provide some pain medication to deal with sensitivity and any associated pain. You will be advised to avoid chewing with the affected area for a few days until after the sensitivity and pain have subsided.

Visit Stittsville Dentists for an evaluation and to know if the root canal procedure is right for the damaged tooth. A root canal is not always the best choice for everybody.


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