If you have been looking at your basement area and wondering if it can be converted in an apartment, we are happy to help.

There can be a number of reasons you feel you want living space in the basement.  Sometimes it is to earn a bit of extra income, or to accommodate an elderly relative, or returning adult child.  However, there are things to consider before you start.

The place to begin is with your local municipality to find the appropriate rules and requirements for a basement conversion to an apartment.  If there are regulations, it is possible that they have specifics to include like a bathroom, kitchen space, etc.  Most assuredly they will require an egress or way out independent of your front door.  This is in case of an emergency.  Once you know what the basics are, it will give you a better idea of how to plan your budget.

Next you need to find an architect, designer, or construction company with whom you can work to prepare the design.  They will also help secure any necessary permits and schedule inspections as necessary.

Some of the more crucial items to incorporate is an unobstructed exit.  This may require more than one depending on the size of the basement, layout, and local requirements.  Another specification is fireproofing and other safety measures.  Fire-rated doors will keep the fire contained either in or from the basement, in case a fire should break out.  

Soundproofing is another issue you may want to consider.  This will provide privacy for you and your tenant alike.  This is important to discuss before any construction begins because you won’t want to remove wallboard after it has been installed.

Before the basement is able to be lived in, you will need a final inspection.  If the inspector finds issues, these will need to be corrected and another inspection scheduled.

When all the changes have been made, you get to decide how to use your new space.  Renting is always a good option for some extra income.  If this is your decision, look into specific situations you may be letting yourself in for, along with any statutes or laws about fair renting practices.

If you are considering using the space for a multi-generational use, be sure to have a family meeting and keep the lines of communication open to resolve any issues that may occur.  There is also the chance you may decide to keep this new space for your own personal use.  It can be a respite from daily chores, or a home office.

For solid advice about converting your basement into living space, contact Ottawa Home Pros.  They are experts at changing unused space into something that is beneficial to the homeowner. and have qualified representatives who will be happy to make an appointment to look at your basement and offer suggestions about how it can be turned into a rental property or a lovely area for an elderly relative or adult child.