Deck designs are always comparable to house design. To determine the best deck design for your home, work with A&Z Interlock Design and Build in Ottawa who is professionals that can help you choose deck design and layout.

There are numerous deck designs which can be used to improve the overall design of the home and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. The deck is simply an outdoor floor made of wood or other material. Factors that will determine deck type are: the style of your home, lifestyles features to be included on the deck, and the available space.

The following are characteristics of all deck irrespective of type or design.

  • Decks can either be free-standing or attached to the home. The free-standing decks require more supporting piers but have the pros of better drainage and no worry about water damage along the ledger board that attaches decks to houses.
  • Decks can be open or covered with a roof or pergola to provide partial shade.
  • The covered decks are open or closed in with screens or walls on the sides.

The design and location of the deck will be influenced by factors such as:

  • Majority of homes in Ottawa have space for a deck mostly on the backyard and sometimes on the side yard. Check the local zoning laws to familiarize yourself with requirements on where the deck can sit on your property.
  • The slope of the backyard may accommodate multi-level deck design that has steps connecting the deck levels the house and the ground.
  • Views from the deck. Front decks may prove to be the ideal location for the best views.
  • Not all decks need to be adjacent to your home. Pool and spa decks are often located further in the yard for purposes of separating activities and allowing for pool position on level ground. Gazebos are designed away from the home and to integrate with landscape design.

Decks Enhance Home Curb Appeal

A&Z Interlock Design and Build can help you design and build a front porch that enhances the curb appeal of your house. The front porch is the earliest type of deck and provided a place to relax outside of the house and escape the heat indoors.

The wrap-around porch is a popular porch style. Other types of front porches include the entrance porch or portico that provides a roof structure over the walkway to the entrance of the house.