Winter is coming. Therefore, there is a need for preparation to ensure everything is well during the coldest season in the country. One of the ways many people in Canada prepare for winter is by closing their pools.

If you have not made any preparations to cover your pool, you should contact Laughlin Pools for professional fall pool closing. This is because we have experienced and professional staff who can quickly and easily make your pool ready for winter.  

Fall is the best time for pool closing. The season occurs between September and November. It is the best time for pool closing because it allows you to close the pool when the weather is just cold enough for closing. Closing your pool when the weather is still not yet cool enough can lead to the growth of algae. This can end up being a massive issue that will require you to spend a lot of money to rectify and make your pool water clean and safe again.

Now that you are familiar with certain aspects of pool closing, the sections of this article below will look at why pool closing is important.

1. Pool closing protects swimming pools

Pools usually take a lot of money to build. Therefore, there is a need to protect them to make sure they do not suffer any damage especially when they are still new.

Pools can suffer winter damage if they are not closed on time or if they are not closed properly. This is because the low temperatures that come with winter in Canada have the potential of freezing pool water in an unclosed pool. The frozen water can damage your pool’s liner, filters, pipes, and pumps.

Often, damage by frozen pool water costs thousands of dollars to repair. So if you want to avoid spending a fortune repairing your pool, you should close at the right time and properly. If you do not know how to properly close a pool, contact Laughlin Pools today for fall closing Ottawa.

2. Pool closing makes spring re-opening easier and faster

By properly closing your pool at the right time, you will make it easy to reopen when springtime comes around. You will have very little work to do to get your pool working and in the right shape for you and your family to dive in.

Many people assume that pool closing simply involves draining pool water and protecting pool accessories. However, this is simply not the case. Professional pool closing typically involves cleansing contaminants and debris from pool water before it is drained. This, in effect, cleans the pool and makes work easy during the reopening. 

Moreover, it is important to note that proper pool closing often includes thorough pool cleaning pre and post-draining. This has the effect of eliminating debris and stains. And it makes it very easy to reopen a pool because it removes the need for a lot of cleaning and washing before reopening.

3. Pool closing is important for safety 

Pool closing is known as pool closing because after cleaning a pool, draining its water, cleaning it again, and then protecting its equipment, the pool is always covered. It is this covering that is called closing.

The use of a proper pool cover during pool closing is important because it ensures the covered pool is protected from the extremely cold weather elements. It is also very important in the sense that it prevents you, your family members, or pets from falling into an empty pool. A good pool cover that is properly installed can protect your household from falling into the empty pool because it can support a significant amount of weight. In other words, it acts as a cover to protect your pool and a safety net to protect you and your family.

It is particularly important to make sure a good pool cover is installed over your pool and that this is done professionally, especially if you have children who like playing around your pool. This will ensure they are protected from falling into the pool.

What to do to close your pool properly in Ottawa

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Various types of covers can be used to cover pools. Laughlin Pools will present you with all the available options to enable you to choose the style you prefer the most. Because Laughlin Pools is a professional company with years of experience in fall closing, you can expect nothing but the best pool closing when you contract the company for the job.

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