If you are planning to upgrade the floor of your garage from concrete to more functional and aesthetic option, there are numerous choices available in the market. You can choose from a wide range of garage flooring options to personalize the garage to not only look amazing but also withstand wear and tear. Garage Perfect has a wide selection of garage flooring options for homeowners in Ottawa.

Most homes have garages that have concrete floors with the common thinking being that the garage is utilitarian and is bound to suffer damage from stains, blows from heavy equipment and tools, heat, and cold. Concrete was considered a hardy choice when given proper care. However, concrete is not as stylish as more modern garage flooring options.

When looking for flooring options for your garage, Garage Perfect suggests that you consider the following factors.

  • Weather: Weather conditions can present problems for the chosen garage floor. Extremely cold weather even over a few days every year can cause problems even for concrete floors. Moisture is yet another determinant when choosing a floor type. It is important to have in mind weather fluctuations in Ottawa when deciding the floor to install. Find flooring that will serve you well across different seasons and different weather conditions.
  • The temperature in the Garage: Garage temperatures are closely related to weather conditions. An exception to the rule applies if the garage is heated. In such cases, you can choose a floor type that would otherwise be incompatible with the local weather conditions in Ottawa.
  • Traffic: The amount of traffic in the garage should determine the type of floor selected. Extra durable flooring will be the best choice if the garage is used to park and store many vehicles and experiences frequent drive-ins and outs. Light or average traffic will demand the installation of less expensive flooring options.
  • Purpose: Not all garages serve the purpose of parking your car only. Some homeowners may use the garage to park and serve other purposes such as being a workshop and entertainment space. How the garage is put to purpose will determine the best flooring option.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Choose a floor type that requires little attention and maintenance since it will be cheaper to have the floor in a good state over the long term. The floor type chosen should also work well for all type of climate and purposes.