Well, things have almost come full circle with all of the restrictions getting pushed on email marketing such as it being called ‘Spam’,  unwanted email, which at one time took the place of using regular mail for getting the word out for a product or service on the internet. Now, it seems with all of the rules against spam there is a new interest in snail mail, one of  the original methods for marketing in Ottawa

It seems the results using this method have not really changed as much as one would think. Years ago when it was the only way to advertise other than television or radio the response rates were pretty good from a marketing standpoint. Now there are claims that the response has risen to an almost 80% rate as compared to using email for the same type of advertisements.

However, direct mailing still works because people here in Ottawa actually choose to receive this type of advertisement the same way they can either opt in or out of receiving email of a similar calibre. Moreover, when combine with coupons that a person can touch and hold in their hands the marketing mail becomes more tangible by comparison.

 The idea of direct mailing is nothing new, nor has it completely gone away, obviously, its resurgence stems from a new generation of Ottawa businesses having to deal with anti-spam rules across the internet and as a result they have realized how useful regular mail still is. Marketing is all about getting a product or service in front of a targeted audience and as a tool direct mail is in the top five, or should be.

Mailing lists still have a viable place in marketing

Yes, you cannot run a direct mail campaign here in Ottawa without a mailing list. How to get one is as easy as creating one or renting one from a marketing company that has a database filled with people looking for new products or services being offered. The best method for creating a mailing list is to create a survey and do the footwork that accompanies getting people to sign up for more information on your product or service.

This is how they are created there is no short cut, this is why a lot of Ottawa businesses invest part of their marketing budget in mailing lists created by other firms who have done the leg work for this information. There are companies that have created lists that will also deliver the mail as part of a service oriented package went renting a mailing list for this type of marketing campaign.

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