When you think about it, glass is something that can brighten any room by reflecting light that bounces off its surface. In recent times, glass has taken on a new role in home design. It is happening through minimalistic applications to aspects of modern architecture.

We see this in the high rise structures in more cities around the globe as these buildings have large glass windows. We see the same in newly constructed homes in and around the Ottawa & Gatineau area. Glass allows light to enter a room and the bigger the window the more light can come into a given room.

With the addition of strategically placed glass table, a room can appear larger than it actually is. The same effect takes place with glass doors. If we consider the increased interest in shower stalls that are a full glass enclosure, when they are installed, they make a bathroom feel as if there is more space because of the properties of the glass allowing the full view of the room.

Another reason for an increase in the large glass windows in more Ottawa  and Gatineau commercial structures is now glass can be self tinting, just like a pair of eye glasses that get darker when the person wearing them goes outside into the sunlight. This type of glass helps save energy by lowering the amount of heat that enters because of the sunlight in addition to impeding the UV rays.

Aside from having the ability to self-tint, glass now comes tempered and shatter resistant for increased safety. While this type of glass is better for commercial applications for added security, another type of glass that, shatters into tiny pieces is also available for home use in Ottawa or Gatineau. This type of glass ensures a smaller chance of serious injury if something were to break it, such as an animal running into a plate glass patio door.

Glass has many applications and as such, more people are implementing the use of glass in a greater number of design aspects for industrial, commercial, and private buildings and as furniture. If and when you may feel it is time to refurbish the interior of your Ottawa or Gatineau home give glass a first, second, and a third look and discover how glass can improve your surroundings.

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