If you’re looking for a good physiotherapist in Ottawa, one thing that you’ll want to do is find somebody that is going to provide you with outstanding treatment. One way to find a reputable therapist is to first find a clinic with a good reputation. But how do you find one? All of them claim that they are the best or that they are good. Here are five things that you should consider when looking for a good physiotherapist that will provide you with exceptional treatment.

Hours of Operation

When the patient is put first, this generally means that they will be receiving ideal treatment. One way that the patient, i.e. you, is put first, is by offering evening and early morning appointments to better accommodate busy work schedules. Patients will greatly benefit from going to their appointment before or after work, especially if they are desperately in need of treatment, but are unable to go to an appointment in the middle of the day.

Private Rooms for Treatment

Private rooms allow you to feel more comfortable being treated by the physiotherapist. You can discuss your condition and ask questions confidentially without becoming afraid being overheard. You can also learn the recovery exercises privately which allows a focused interaction with the therapist.

Billing Ethics

A lot of clinics will unethically design a treatment plan around increasing a patient’s coverage. However, a good treatment plan will be determined by the needs of the condition rather than how much coverage you have. A good treatment center will save you from treatments that aren’t necessary, and this means that if you end up with another injury, you may have coverage still available.

Registered Physiotherapists

Look out for treatment centers that advertise they offer physio. This is not the same as a licensed physiotherapist treatment center. Before you start any treatment, it’s vital that you have a detailed assessment done by a physiotherapist that is licensed. This can speed up the process of recovery and prevent further injury or a re-injury.


There are some treatment centers that will schedule one physiotherapist with multiple patients at once. In this case, the therapist will see you once briefly and then leave you in the hands of an assistant. Sure, the assistant has the ability to administer the treatment, but the patient is should be treated completely by a physiotherapist the whole time so that they can monitor how the patient is receiving their treatment and answer any questions that they might have during their recovery process. An assistant is not allowed to give patients any sort of medical consultation.