Renovation Budgeting & Planning in Ottawa


Planning and creating a budget for a home renovation can be a difficult thing to do. Where do you begin? How do you start the planning process? What is a good budget? These are a few questions that may be heard when planning for a home renovate. Homeowners just don’t know where to start and may need a little help. It’s best that those who are looking for a free contractor estimate set their maximum budget and how much they want to spend. At that time, they should then contact a contractor in Ottawa. A design and build contractor makes the renovation simple. An appointment should be set to speak with the estimators to figure out what is best for the situation and how what is wanted fits into the budget.

How Much is Too Much?

One of the most common follow up when it comes to renovation inquiries is the pricing. The question arises of “how much is too much?” This generally goes back to how much you are looking to spend and what exactly it is that you want because it’s usually never enough for satisfaction. One way to measure cost is if you are looking for a good quality kitchen that will last years in your ever-growing family. Knowing that average cost of renovations and what is involved is a good way to measure the extras that are wanted.

Investment Return

Any renovation that is done to a home product an ROI (return on investment), but some are less than others. Bathrooms are one of the lowest producing ROI’s, but they increase the quality of living in some cases. Basement and kitchen renovations in Ottawa produce some of the largest ROI’s because of their size, use, and location. More specifically, the kitchen because it’s the focal point of the house and the basement due to its size. The ROI can also be influenced by other factors outside of the renovation and it generally has to do with the location. Sometimes, homeowners will incorporate a small ROI as part of their budget if they are selling their home soon. The ROI isn’t only based on the location, but also how it works with the rest of the home as well as the overall increase in value for the neighborhood and property. These are a few reasons why an ROI may sometimes be tricky when trying to incorporate it with an end budget.

Budget for Renovation

The best way to figure out what your budget is going to be is to contact your local Ottawa contractor. They have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your renovation is done often, on time, and under budget.


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