Perhaps you have been having some trouble with mobility lately.  It could be your arthritis acting up, what seemed to be a minor injury that is not responding or some new tweak.  Your medical professional has recommended physiotherapy but you are not quite sure that you know enough about it.  Here is some information.

Physiotherapy is part of the medical profession that deals with movement and uses exercise and hands-on treatments to help someone be as mobile as possible.  This can be associated with a number of different specialties like brain injuries, orthopedic surgery, elder care, or chronic conditions.

Orthopedic physiotherapists can assess and treat injuries and conditions that involve both the skeletal or bone system and the attached tendons, muscles and ligaments.  It is grouped into a term of musculoskeletal.

The musculoskeletal system is a wide range of muscles, bones, joints, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.  The therapist will be able to use a lot a techniques to help the patient.  This can involve manual manipulation of various areas related to the complaint.  They also are knowledgeable about exercises and the use of devices like electrotherapy.  They understand what good posture looks like and ways to correct improper alignment.

Physiotherapy can play a part in healing from a condition or illness that seems to have no relation to the skelton.  An example might be someone with decreased breathing.  The physiotherapist can recommend some exercises to expand the ribcage, or to develop the muscles around the diaphram.  These treatments and exercises will help the individual to recover.

Another example might be in someone who is overweight but has difficulty shedding the pounds.  If there are mobility issues, the person will be less likely to physically get up and move and get the walking exercise prescribed by the doctor.  By making moving easier, the individual is less likely to maintain a sedentary lifestyle and become healthier with weight loss.

Orthopedic therapists are also instrumental in childhood development making sure the child is on track with standards for their age.  They are also quite valuable if the child is interested in sports or other activities that require demands on the musculoskeletal system.

They are most likely to be known for their work with people who have orthopedic surgeries like joint replacement.  They will work with the individual prior to the scheduled operation to strengthen the muscles and ligaments and then after the surgery to bring that person into as much mobility as possible.

For those who have suffered even a minor injury like a sprained ankle, the physiotherapist will be able to offer suggestions to bring the area back to full use without discomfort and to recommend measures to prevent the injury from recurring. If you are looking for a physiotherapist in Ottawa, contact the professionals at Motion Matters.

As you can tell physiotherapy has a prominent place in the recovery and maintenance of good health.