A kitchen is pretty much a primary room in any dwelling, second only to the family room or a study, here in Ottawa and Gatineau. This makes the design of the kitchen a priority, considering new construction or if remodeling is an option, for changing or rearranging how a kitchen fits into a person’s lifestyle and eating habits in an existing structure. If you think about someone is always in their kitchen preparing food, whether they are single with kids or not, living with someone, or married.

Since this is the case, it makes perfect sense to put some time into the design of the space available in your kitchen. The first aspect to mull over is the workflow, or ergonomics, that pertain to getting the food, preparing is and then cooking and serving. One thing that most people look for is the amount of counter space, (preparation area), that is immediately available.

Therefore, when re-structuring your Ottawa or Gatineau kitchen, creating enough counter space that facilitates easing food preparation should be a top priority. Second to this aspect, would be the amount of storage and ventilation, and finally the colour scheme. Having enough ventilation is important for dealing with cooking mistakes, (we all have them, and even the professional chefs do, although few admit this).

Depending on the structure of the house, having an open kitchen allows for better ventilation and can provide greater storage in addition to counter space to assist in easing food preparation. Generally and open design can have an island counter and a food bar combination. Where as a closed room that has two doorways, may not accommodate this type of design because of the limited space.

Of course, the amount of space is always a determining factor, specifically when remodeling your Ottawa and Gatineau home. Some home have a separate dining area while others do not. This is something to consider when deciding to redesign a kitchen. It helps to find as many design ideas as possible to spark your own imagination and to get different ideas of what may or may not be doable in your  home.