Physiotherapy specifically deals with the healing and reconstruction of damaged and weakened tissues in your muscles and joints. Physiotherapy also referred to as physical therapy entails the use of approaches and techniques such as stretching and massaging.

Motion Matters have specially trained sports physiotherapists to deal with and treat injured athletes so that they can resume normal exercise routines. Always consult a physiotherapist as soon as an injury occurs rather than waiting until the last minute when the injury is already serious. Advancements in the field of physiotherapy have allowed for successful treatment of injuries and associated complications.

Requirements for people wishing to train in physiotherapy demand that they have a background in human anatomy or biology and to have attained an A or B for their graduate degree.

A physiotherapist must have good communication and interpersonal skills so that they are able to form a good doctor-patient relationship. A physiotherapist should be in a position to clearly communicate with their patients so that either party is able to understand treatment courses. An environment where the patient is able to express their pain and concern should be fostered.

Our physiotherapists are inquisitive which is important in helping them to find out about the history and source of injury or other problems. Additionally, they make use of the latest technology and advances made in physical therapy to relieve stiffness in both joints and muscles. Hand massage, heat, and electrical currents are used to provide the required treatment.

Physiotherapy has benefited different groups of people irrespective of their age by improving their lives. People with arthritis have regained movement in their joints through physical therapy. Our professionals are focused on the restoration of both strength and movement so that patients are able to resume normal life and lead independent lives. Look no further than Motion Matters in Ottawa for physiotherapy and rehabilitation services.