OK, no one person in the world has perfect teeth, even here in Ottawa, that being said when a person begins to have trouble with their teeth there are benefits to seeking the advice of an Orthodontist. The most important thing is that every person should learn to take care of their teeth and gums because of the overall affect the poor health of their mouth will have on the rest of their body. If a cavity, goes unchecked it will lead to issues with the type of food a person eats, and cause trouble when they try to drink hot or cold liquids.

Tooth Decay is the Top Disease in the World

The best gift any person has that they can pass on to others is a smile they are highly contagious. However, when a person loses their ability or willingness to smile because of the condition of their teeth it is time to bring this problem to the attention to an Orthodontist, in Ottawa or anywhere else, depending on where the person lives. The main reason to seek out an Orthodontist is to help with bite issues.

Crooked teeth do have a negative effect on how well a person can chew the food they eat and how good they can clean their teeth. This can lead to dietary issues that will eventually follow with tooth decay. Therefore, going to an Orthodontist, in Ottawa, who specializes in fixing crooked teeth, can and will help improve the ability to eat and smile.

The Shape of our Teeth and our Facial Structure

Misaligned teeth will also affect our jaw line, which in turn affects the shape of our face. Having an Orthodontist identify the root cause of this misalignment will lead them to a solution such as applying braces to straighten and align the teeth for an improved bite pattern. While their focus is on fixing bite patterns, they can also fix cavities and work on both adults and children.

In the realm of braces, children are not the only candidates adults are also able to have their teeth straightened. Finding an Orthodontist in Ottawa is easy and finding one that cares enough to make treatments as non-evasive and pain free as possible is on the same level. Many treatments that have to do with tooth repair and straightening are available through visiting with an Ottawa Orthodontist.

Consult these Ottawa Dentists and Orthodontists for the right advice:

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Orthodontist Ottawa[/column]

[column size=”1/3″]Address: 175 Holland
Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 0Y2

Phone: (613) 722-8500

Email: info@bracesinottawa.com


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[column size=”1/3″]Dr. Saso

New Teeth in a Day[/column]

[column size=”1/3″]Address: 441 MacLaren Street Suite 370
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2H3

Phone: 613-701-0888

Email: gail@drsaso.com


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