As technology has been the biggest change in an ever tumultuous landscape that is business. A reputation becomes a very fragile part of the way a public looks and reacts to a given business. 25 to 30 years ago reputation management was understood as public relations and took place mainly through media such as television, radio and the newspapers.

Since the entrance of the internet upon the landscape of business and public opinion things like social media have become places where a reputation is made, good or bad. A marketing term called ‘branding’ has become a big part of a businesses reputation and as such, their reputation is the result of how well an Ottawa company or individual’s brand is recognized and how it is recognized, being good or bad.

We see this all the time through television news stories and all across the internet, specifically in the social media networks, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on, where celebrities say something someone does not like and there goes their standing by losing popularity. The same can happen to businesses at any level, be it a local Ottawa business or an international business. Reputation matters, which is why staying on top of how a business is perceived by the public is important.

Reputations Online can Diminish Quickly

More people spend more time online than they do most anything else, even here in Ottawa. That being stated, an online reputation is very fragile and once it begins to topple it takes a lot to get it back to where it was. The reason is because of how a story can change from one person to the next, then add to this the speed at which a story can travel and where it can travel too, practically all over the world in a matter of seconds.

It is a good idea to have a team manage the online reputation of your Ottawa business is a wise endeavour  and worth the expense. The importance of it goes a long way when negative reviews begin to surface because of dissatisfied customers. They can multiply like rabbits if not quelled quickly and strategically.

Want to manage the online reputation of your Ottawa Business? Consider these local Ottawa Reputation Management Specialists. 


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