Online Marketing and advertising are two important aspects of sales. Without either, the general public would never know about any product or service unless they actively looked for it. Both have their strengths and weaknesses when applied haphazardly by inexperienced marketers. This is due to a poorly planned advertising campaign that is missing the marketing end and the same can happen with a poorly planned marketing program without the use of strategic advertising, (sort of a “catch 22”, so to speak).

On the one hand advertising is necessary to raise awareness to a targeted audience and on the other hand, marketing is necessary for raising the awareness of the general public. However, both manage to help increase sales. With marketing the idea is to discover the targeted audience, here in Ottawa for example, design the message, for the product or service, and then to implement it accordingly.

The difference between and online advertising agency and an online  marketing agency is this, with the ad agency, you get a team of professionals that will help design the message to an existing audience. With a marketing agency you will get a team of professionals that

  • Will do the market research, to explicitly identify the targeted audience
  • Develop the message and strategy for the audience
  • Help design a web page and presence
  • Perform copywriting duties

The above tasks provide the ability to function in the world online and offline. In a nutshell, marketing is based on developing an audience and providing a strategic means to distribute a given client’s advertising campaign. A major part of the online marketing is keeping the information relevant, up to date, and useful for the given audience. Accordingly, because the internet is an international community, it is always on, which means the need for new, significant, concise, and useful information is ongoing here in Ottawa and everywhere else on the planet.

This turns managing an online presence a long-term commitment that encompasses building a presence, managing the reputation through social media marketing, ongoing content creation, and strategic ad campaigns for both on and off line marketing. The result is building relationships with an online audience, similar to building the same type of relationship with customers for an Ottawa storefront business.

Marketing today encompasses both worlds, the digital and the physical and in the light of designing a successful marketing and advertising campaign, working with a single agency that is proficient in both fronts proves as a cost effective measure to increase awareness and an Ottawa customer base thus increasing sales and revenue.

Need help with online marketing for your Ottawa Business? Consider these local Ottawa Online Marketing Agencies for the right advice. 


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