There are a number of reasons why it is a good thing to enrol your children in a class for martial arts in Ottawa. There are many choices like judo, Jiu-Jitsu, karate or taekwondo. They offer a combination of group conditioning and personal growth as well as maintaining a strong mental focus on the task at hand. Besides moving children away from electronic devices and giving them some exercise, there are other benefits.

Discipline – Most martial arts programs emphasize respect, focus, and honour.  Simple gestures like bowing reflect the respect that sometimes goes missing in our 21st Century activities.  Following the instructors’ directions and accepting criticism is beneficial to children and usually overflow into their school or home activities.  Focus can improve scholastic grades.

Goals – The martial arts offer a ranking system, usually as coloured belts.  Each child must successfully pass a test before moving up the ranks. The children see others succeed and feel encouraged to maintain the determination and physical abilities to become better.

Choices – Most schools offer a number of different disciplines to choose from. Many parents opt to enrol their children in more than one class either for the variety or to find the best fit of exercise and understanding.

Challenges – The instruction is highly structured and incorporates physical fitness, mental alertness and respectful social interaction.  Children have been shown to gain self-confidence and determination.

Self-Defence – No one wants to raise a bully.  On the other hand, you want your child to have the tools to protect themselves in the event of some physical altercation.  Instructors emphasize that the martial arts are not used in aggression, but to protect themselves or others if the situation arises.

If you or your children are interested in self-defence or martial arts, do the research and find a school that will encourage good habits and respect that will last a lifetime.