Most people know the benefits of Botox injections to help relieve facial wrinkles, but wrinkles happen in other places, like along the neck or even the backs of hands.  There are other places that Botox can help improve your appearance. See some of the surprising uses of Botox in Ottawa.

Cheeks – The natural process of aging means loss of ligament support that can create sunken cheeks.  You can have a fresher looking face when those mid-face muscles are relaxed with Botox.

Calf – The calf muscle in the leg can be out of proportion with the overall body.  If that happens, the gastrocnemius muscle can be relaxed with a Botox injection that will keep legs looking inappropriate shape with the rest of your body.  It only needs repeating every 8 to 12 months to maintain a fit appearance.

Lips – If you have thin lips, Cosmetic Botox can relax the muscles around the mouth to create a better lip line and shape.

Jaw and Jowls – Some people want to soften a square jawline.  A Botox injection can temporarily soften that jaw to a more feminine appearance.  Another common occurrence is the soft tissue and fat that make the jowls droop and sag.  Botox will tighten this tissue and take years off your appearance.

Shoulders – Using Botox as a muscle relaxer, the deltoid muscles can be softened to create a slimmer, more feminine back.

Nose – Using Botox around the tissues that surround the nose makes for a significant improvement without the necessity for a rhinoplasty surgical procedure.

Eyes – The lower eyelid sags with age causing unsightly bags that make a person look continually tired.  Forehead muscles can make the skin sink and the eyelids to droop. Crow’s feet and frown lines are from years of squinting.  All of these issues can be helped with Botox.

Medical Issues – Botox has successfully helped with situations like migraines, strabismus, neck spasms, and bladder dysfunction.  Check with your physician about the possibilities.