There are many sporting activities that are group oriented and few that accommodate the play of an individual. Golf is probably the only sport that one person can play alone, (you cannot play running, you just do it). However, it is more fun and relaxing with a group of your friends or even family. Additionally, not everyone in Ottawa has the wherewithal to play football, rugby, or Hockey.

Nevertheless, in Ottawa there are numerous Golf courses that are affordable and close by to accommodate a great weekend pastime. To the uninitiated the game of Golf can seem intimidating at first, but once you learn how to play you will find the fun and intrigue of  the game fascinating.

There are plenty of reasons to go play a round of Golf here in Ottawa, or just to go to a course, because they have cafés or restaurants and banquet halls for large get togethers, such as wedding receptions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or family reunions. In addition, understand that Golf is a game everyone of all ages can play.

There are even vacation packages that are available through some Golf courses that provide accommodations and a two or three day pass to play on a nearby course or one that the hotel is part of. So when football, basketball, or baseball are out of the question think Golf with fun, conversation, and the workout.

Try these local Ottawa Golf Courses and have a fun and relaxing experience:

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[column size=”1/3″]Irish Hills Golf & Country Club

Ottawa Golf[/column]

[column size=”1/3″]Address: 3248 Carp Rd
Ottawa, ON K0A 1L0

 (613) 839-4653

Fax: (613) 839-0721

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