Best Dental Care Practices for Good Oral Health


Teeth are an important component for your personal appearance. To have a bright and healthy smile, you must practice proper dental care. Healthy teeth are a major component for a bright and appealing smile.

Proper dental care is important for oral health and also for overall bodily health. The following are important tips to help you maintain good dental health.

  • Ensure that you are brushing your teeth regularly preferably two or three times every day. Brush your teeth for about two minutes ensuring that you target all surfaces of your teeth.
  • Select a toothbrush that has a small head so that you are able to brush hard to reach areas of the mouth often neglected during dental care.
  • Floss your teeth every day to help get rid of food debris, plaque, and bacteria that is stuck between teeth and gums. Flossing aids in preventing the onset of gum disease. Carefully select floss that is suitable for your teeth and gums. Choose wax-coated floss to help in easier flossing if your teeth are closely packed together in the mouth.
  • Rinse your mouth with plain water or with mouthwash after meals if you have no opportunity to brush your teeth. Swishing mouthwash or water will help to dislodge debris and plaque bacteria from your teeth and prevent the formation of plaque. The formation of plaque and acids formed from the breakdown of sugars by bacteria will erode tooth enamel and even cause gum disease. The accumulation of plaque without removal leads to the formation of tartar that is difficult to remove.

For more dental health tips, book an appointment with the dental hygienist or dentist at Hedgewood House Dental in Kingston. We provide high-quality dental treatments through the use of the latest technology and in the highest levels of comfort.


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