Invisible braces are now a popular treatment for orthodontic problems. It is the responsibility of the patient to take good care of the invisible braces and their teeth during treatment.

Proper care for the invisible braces entails maintenance and eating of the right foods that help in successful treatment. You are what you eat and it also applies for your oral health.

The following tips from Invisible Braces in Ottawa provide oral care tips and foods to eat when wearing invisible braces.

  • You should not consume any food or drinks while wearing invisible braces.
  • Food and candy that doesn’t require hard chewing to avoid straining your teeth during treatment. Fruits and green leafy vegetables are good food choices because they are both soft and nutritious.
  • Pasta is a good choice of food when paired with other nutritious food such as greens and pulses. Soft bread is a good option since they have a high nutritional value and are more delicious.
  • Drink plenty of water since it will help to flush away harmful bacteria in the mouth. Beware of coffee and soda since drinking too much of these drinks may cause damage to your braces or reduce the chances of optimal outcomes with orthodontic treatment.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol and other drinks like protein drinks. If you must use these drinks, ensure that you brush your teeth thoroughly to protect oral health.
  • Avoid spicy and icy foods. Cold foods such as ice-cream may cause cold shock or grinding that may lead to cracked or chipped teeth. Spicy foods are also highly acidic and may severely affect your teeth though enamel erosion during treatment.

Making conscious decisions with regard to foods and drinks will play a role in promoting faster and effective treatment. Proper care and strictly adhering to the advice of Invisible Braces in Ottawa will make the treatment process smooth and increase the effectiveness of braces in straightening teeth.