Garage doors are mechanical and anything like that can break down.  Some are easy fixes but others need some professional attention.  Here are some of the things that can occur in either a residential or commercial garage door.

Remote Control

This is one of the nicest conveniences associated with a garage door.  If the remote is not working, the first step is to check the batteries.  If replacing the batteries does not solve the problem, remove the new batteries and wipe the contact points in the battery compartment with a soft, dry cloth.  Replace the batteries and you should be back in business.

Another issue could be the transmitter is scratched.  You can use a special polishing agent on the remote device should fix this problem.  You might also want to re-align the antenna in the garage to be sure it is sending the signals correctly.

Door Opener

We are talking about the device that is installed overhead inside the garage.  If the door is opened and closed multiple times a day, it can result in a significant amount of wear and tear. 

It is possible that the malfunction is the cause of damaged wiring or a defective circuit board, which is inside the opener motor.  This is something to be handled by a professional. 


These are the gadgets at the bottom of the door that tells the opener if there is something blocking the way.  If there is nothing obstructing the sensor, it could be that it just needs to be cleaned.  Dirt, leaves or debris can be blocking the signal.  Cleaning the area should fix the issue.

It could also be that the sensors have moved out of alignment.


These are the metal parts that the door moves on.  They are metal and can be affected over time by the weight of the door.  They can become misaligned or bent.  If so, the door can become stuck midway.  This probably means you will need to replace the entire track and possibly the door as well.  Regular lubrication can help considerably but if the track is damaged, it will take a professional.

Springs and Cables

These are very large and thick springs that keep the door from moving too quickly.  If the door seems to slam down suddenly, a spring has probably broken.

Cables are those big cords that hold the garage door when it is up.  They bear a significant amount of pressure.  Over time these cables can become frayed.  If they are looking a bit bedraggled, have them replaced before they snap.

These are some of the more common occurrences that will cause you to have problems with your garage door and its opener.  It is always a good idea to have a professional check your garage doors and perform any maintenance necessary.  Keeping them in good shape can prevent significant damage and considerable expense.

For questions or help, contact Amigo Doors.  As a local company, they can dispatch a skilled professional to help you with any problems anywhere in Ottawa.