Are you tired of razor nicks and finding stubble only days after you shaved your legs.  Laser hair removal could be for you but you are probably wondering what it all entails and how long it lasts.

A specialist uses a laser that emits a light that will absorb the pigment in the hair.  When the color is gone, the hair follicle is damaged and will not grow back. 


Before the treatment begins, the technician will conduct a consultation visit.  Based on skin color and type, the specialist will determine the correct wavelength necessary to perform the procedure.  The analysis will determine the exact wavelength to target the melanin, the pigment.  As the light is absorbed, the thermal force will injure the hair bulb or root.

However, this is needs to be a very precise measurement.  It will seek out the dark color but not just the hair.  So, if the individual has darker skin color, it will also affect the pigment in the skin.  The best candidates are those with light skin but dark hair.  People with dark skin tones can also benefit from a laser treatment, but should avoid Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment.  If you go to a board-certified dermatologist for the hair removal, there will be less risk.


When you have decided the appropriate laser treatment, you will need to avoid tanning and using self-tanners both prior to and after your treatment.  Give your dermatologist a complete list of any medications, including over the counter.  It may be that you will need to withhold some drugs that could cause an adverse effect in combination with the laser treatment.  You will probably be instructed to shave a day or two before the procedure. 

The day of the treatment, you should not use any lotions, creams, deodorants, etc.  There may be other instructions for you to follow.  It is usually suggested that you take two ibuprofen an hour prior to the appointment time.  You may also be instructed to use a spray or cream that is 4% lidocaine to help reduce any discomfort.

During the Treatment

The removal procedure has been described as a rubber band snapping against the skin.  Not each pulse will hurt and some areas will be more sensitive than others.

The amount of surface area that will be treated will determine how long the session will last.  For an upper lip, it will be a matter of minutes.  For a back or legs, it may be an hour or two.

Don’t be alarmed if you see some hair regrowth after the first treatment.  During that first week or two, there will be some hair but that is really only the old hair being sloughed off.  In their place you might see some fine hair.

To achieve a point where there is no regrowth at all, you may need as many as six or eight treatments.  With each procedure, the hair regrowth will be finer and sparser.  After that, you may want to visit the dermatologist about once a year for any maintenance.

Getting the Treatment

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