After anyone in Ottawa, Gatineau or anywhere else,  suffers from severe injury, it takes time to heal and get their life back to what it was prior to the accident. Occupational therapy is there to help in matters such as these. The therapy not only helps with the physical aspects of an injury, it also helps with the mental stress that either accompanies the injury or comes afterwards.

Many times a person is left with a constant reminder of an accident through the loss of a limb or a constant source of pain and discomfort. It is the job of a therapist to aid an individual suffering after an accident in identifying the root cause and either finding a way to do away with the pain or teach them how to deal with it through various methods like diet, exercise, or an education about their condition.

A person’s well being is based on their ability to function on a normal level. When anything happens to change this the person’s life in Ottawa changes as well. It is the job of the occupational therapist to work with an individual by helping them rebuild their confidence, self-esteem, and physical abilities after any type of accident that changes the conditions of the person’s life.

Here in Ottawa and Gatineau there are certain occupations that demand great physical ability, require working with  dangerous chemicals, or putting a life at risk by working at great heights  or under the water for long periods. An accident in any one of these types of occupations can be devastating if and when a serious accident occurs. In situations like this occupational therapy can prepare an individual for returning to the workforce in some capacity, be it the person;s full or partial capacity.

If you want to return to the workforce after injury and need Occupation Therapy, Consult with these  local Ottawa & Gatineau Mental health & wellness specialists: