Surrogacy and Surrogate Mother


Surrogacy refers to the method used by couples not capable of bearing children to become proud parents. Surrogacy involves another woman carrying and giving birth to the baby for the particular couple. A contract is often put in place between the couple and the woman carrying the baby.

The surrogate mother is the woman who will carry the embryo for a certain couple and will give the child to them following the birth of the child. According to Fertility Match in Ottawa, the process is not simple since there are numerous aspects to surrogacy. The parties involved must understand very well the legal issues in surrogacy to prevent unforeseen challenges in the future in Canada.

A good and trustful relationship between the couple and the surrogate mother is important for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy newborn. If the surrogate mother experiences emotional changes, these may also affect the couple.

The Different Types of Surrogacy

  1. Full Surrogacy or Gestational Surrogacy

This type of surrogacy which may happen in different ways:

  • An embryo is formed using an egg and sperm from the actual parents
  • An embryo is formed from a donated egg and sperm of actual parent
  • Donated egg and sperm are used to form the embryo
  1. Partial Surrogacy or Traditional Surrogacy

In this type of surrogacy, the sperm of the actual father and the egg of a surrogate mother are used to form the embryo. A woman will go for the help of a surrogate mother if:

  • The woman has a malformed womb or the womb is entirely missing.
  • Recurrent pregnancies have occurred
  • The in-vitro fertilization (IVF) process has failed repeatedly

To eventually settle for surrogacy as your method of becoming a mother, get all medical issues sorted out and take the advice of doctors. Keep in mind that there will be legal issues that need to be navigated before initiating the surrogacy process. You must try to avoid nasty situations and disputes that may happen with regard to handing over of the child.

Research and read widely on the subject of surrogacy and find out about surrogate mothers through internet research and visits to licensed clinics such as Fertility Match in Ottawa. Additionally, remember that all aspects must be taken care of and handled adequately before the commencement of the surrogacy process.


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