Hospitals can be penalized as much as 3% of total Medicare billings for the increase in hospital readmissions which causes the loss of billions of dollars each year. There have been an abundant studies administered in order to determine the main cause of these readmissions. The central problem was found to be the inadequate exchange of information between differing parties involved in the care of the patient such as the patient, the doctors, family, and caregivers. It has been determined that effective exchange of information for all involved considerably lowers the chances of readmissions.

The time just after the patient is released from a facility is very important because this is the time any number of things could happen which could require readmission. A few of the frequent reasons for readmission are improperly taking medication, deficient communication among the care team and patient’s caretakers, skipped medical appointments, lack of noticing changes in the patient’s medical condition, and so on. Providing better home care services helps to reduce such issues with a better health plan that includes everyone involved to help the patient to recuperate more rapidly.

Outside of the more important medical care, newly released patients may also require assistance with the activities of daily living (ADL), and instrumental ADL if recovering with a severe ailment or injury. There are many factors that could slow down a speedy recovery such as lifting hefty items, severe tumbles, improperly taking medication, driving without help to various activities, and not eating correctly. Therefore, non-medical care can be essential in preventing readmission to a hospital. Finding in-home care providers in the Ottawa and surrounding areas can be very beneficial to provide home care for your loved one.

For a successful recovery the in-home aid offers assistance with different ADL and assisting ADL such as helping with personal hygiene, bathing, grooming, aid in getting around, bathroom help, incontinence care, food preparation, housework, transport to activities, doing various errands, medication reminders, moving and positioning and so on. Depending on the patient’s individual needs the time care can be provided ranges from a few hours a week to full time care (live-in care). Medical care staff commonly requires all caregivers in the recovery plan as well as providing them with the education needed to give the proper care to a patient.

If you require Home Care services in Ottawa for your loved one then you can trust on these in-home care providers serving in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

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